Perfect, vibrant, yet natural lip color that does not smudge, wear off, or imprint on anything may seem like a dream. But it is possible with permanent makeup in one of my techniques.
Lipstick effect is a full-coverage lip color. It has all of the benefits of lip blush, and denser color. I recommend it if:
  • Lip blush/aquarelle lips technique is not sufficient to cover natural imperfections, such as scars or pigmentation;
  • We are performing correction of previous permanent makeup.
Lip blush / aquarelle lips is a semi-sheer tint that revives faded color, restores receding vermilion border, covers minor imperfections, evens out the tone, and creates a defined contour. Although we are not adding volume to the lips, they appear fuller.
Dark lips neutralization is designed to reduce dark undertones, such as purple, grey, brown. It requires a more dense color, similar to lipstick effect. However, it is a specialized procedure, which neutralizes certain undertones, instead of simply covering them.