I use advanced techniques to emulate natural features and create permanent makeup that will keep everyone guessing what is the reason behind your enhanced appearance. And your beautiful faces are the reflection of my dedication.

My permanent makeup studio - BELSON - is a place of comfort, quality and knowledge. I ensure that your decision to do permanent make up with me is based on trust and complete understanding of the process. Whether you are ready to make your life easier, or are not quite sure yet, here you will get everything you are looking for, and perhaps even more.
In the city of abundance, I’m the artist with integrity. I know that you come to me, because you are looking for the best possible result, so I’m here to make it happen.
Hi, my name is Yana.

I’m a New Yorker, who didn’t want to live wondering what if. So I made a leap into the mysterious world of beauty. Turns out, I’m was very much needed here.
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